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In the email, click on the Proceed button to validate your account and you’ll be redirected to WePay to finish the setup. To use ACH facility, you will need to setup Running Law Firm Bookkeeping: Consider the Industry Specifics in the Detailed Guide Authorize.Net or CSG Forte as the default payment gateway on Zoho Books. When you setup this integration, the fields mentioned above will be shared with CSG Forte.

zoho books support

Connect your sales and accounting platform with Zoho CRM integration. Next, you can map an item’s fields in Zoho Books with the right field in your Zoho CRM account. If you have certain fields in Zoho CRM that can’t be mapped to any of the default fields in Zoho Books, you will have to create custom fields in Zoho Books first. These custom fields will then be displayed when you map the fields. Now, login to the selected email account and click on the email with the subject WePay – Activate your account.

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You can create many such canned responses from SalesIQ’s settings to help you reply to your customers faster. Now, this account will be fetched automatically to Zoho Books as a customer, and can be viewed and updated from here. This can be especially helpful if you want to bulk-update the contacts from CRM contacts alone.

Once you have completed all these steps, you can click Save and Sync to start the sync process. Click Save and Sync Later if you wish only to save your preferences now and sync them later. Click Save and Sync Later if you wish to only save your preferences now and sync them later. Integrate Zoho Books with Zoho CRM to bridge the gap between your sales and finance teams.

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When you register for Payflow Pro, you will receive an email with information like your Partner ID and Vendor name. Please keep that email at hand while filling the details for Payflow Pro. In this section you can learn about different integrations Zoho Books offers and how these integrations can be used for your business. To know the format of the import, i.e. the columns and data to be included in the import file, you can download the sample import file which we’ll be looking at in the steps below. If you already have a list of items, you can import them into Zoho Books in the CSV, TSV or XLS format.

To set up CSG Forte, click on the Gear icon on the top right hand side corner of the screen. Go to Online Payments and click the Setup Now button adjacent to CSG Forte logo. Enter the following information and click Save..

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A Canned response is a pre-defined message template that you can use to reply to commonly asked customer questions or messages. For example, you can create a canned response to ask your customer to share their invoice number for which they’re facing a payment issue. If you or your agents miss a live chat request from a customer, you can find them under the Missed section of Zoho SalesIQ .

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